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Chair Massage
Acupressure 10 points
w/ each 60 min massage FREE
Each additional points - $2.00 each
Pay in-person
Acupressure 40 min
Self Help Instruction
 Acupressure Assessment
60 min - Full body work-up
Swedish Massage
Swedish 60 min
two body areas
Swedish 90 min
full body
Swedish 30 min
single body area
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue  60 min
Deep Tissue  90 min
Deep Tissue  120 min

Mobile Chair Massage


$80.00/hr -  2 hr minimum


Chair massage or seated massage is performed while the client remains fully clothed and seated in a specially designed massage chair. The massage chair allows the massage therapist to massage the client's head, neck, back, and arms in a typical 10-15 minute session. The high portability of the massage chair and the fact that client's are fully clothed means that massage sessions can be performed nearly anywhere.


Special Events -

  • Bridal Shower/Wedding Day

  • Corporate

  • Staff Day

  • Fairs/Festivals

If your event requires more than one therapist, I know several qualified local massage therapists. Please book early so they can be scheduled to meet your needs.


To plan your event!



Nancy Gansneder

Event Planner

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release 60 min
Single Body Area
Myofascial Release 120 min
Two Body Areas
Myofascial Release  180 min
Full Body
Golfer's, Athlete's & Speciality Massage
Golfer's/Athletes Massage 75 min
Full Body
Combo - Myofascial/Swedish Massage 90 min
Full Body
Couples Massage
Call for price & to schedule
Hot Stone Massage
Call for price & to schedule